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Set up a Ventrilo server on a LAN - EXTREME Overclocking Sep 05, 2009 Ventrilo Server Hosting & Teamspeak Servers - Game Speak When all the details add up, GameSpeak's Ventrilo and TeamSpeak servers stand above the competition. Check out some of the GameSpeak advantages: Instant Server Setup Don't bother with other providers that make you wait all day to get your Ventrilo or Teamspeak server online. At GameSpeak, you pay and you play, instantly! Worldwide Teamspeak Setting up a Ventrilo server. TESTED! - not working

Apr 09, 2008

How to configure and use Ventrilo

Sep 08, 2008

It is however ungodly rare that Ventrilo will work immediately after you download it. If you're unfamiliar with the program or computers in general the process of setting up Ventrilo could take hours. This guide here will hopefully help you get past that. After downloading and installing Ventrilo the very first step is to Add or Edit user accounts. You are all Welcome to use my Ventrilo Server. - EpicTable Say, I have been paying for a Ventrilo server for several years. Off and on, a small group of my friends will use it for various game related tasks, but, I'm paying for 35 concurrent connections, and I at it's busiest, I doubt it sees more than 6 or 7. So, with that, and until it becomes un-manageable, I offer the use of the server to the community. I have set some rooms - a 'Lobby' Called