Framed-Route Provides routing information to be configured for the user on this network access server. The RADIUS RFC format (net/bits [router [metric]]) and the old style dotted mask (net mask [router [metric]]) are supported. If the router field is omitted or 0, the peer IP address is used. Metrics are currently ignored. 23 Framed-IPX-Network

Jan 22, 2009 Solved: Cisco ASA VPN - Returning IETF-Framed-IP-Address Using Clearpass, I have configured a new Generic RADIUS Service that takes RADIUS calls from IPSEC/L2TP VPN users from a Cisco ASA 5510 8.2 firewall (only thing I have yet to move to Clearpass from NPS). Tests work great for authenication and authorization. Almost there. I … RADIUS Load Balancing with iRules DevCentral “Remote Authentication Dial In User Service” or RADIUS is a very mature and widely implemented protocol for exchanging ”Triple A” or “Authentication, Authorization and Accounting” information. 22 Framed-Route 23 Framed-IPX-Network 24 State 25 Class 26 Vendor-Specific 27 Session-Timeout 28 Idle-Timeout 29 Termination-Action 30 PHP: RADIUS Attribute Types - Manual

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aaa new-model aaa group server radius RADIUS_SERVERS server name RADIUS01 aaa authentication login VTY local group RADIUS_SERVERS aaa authorization exec VTY local group RADIUS_SERVERS radius server RADIUS01 address ipv4 auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646 key 0 radiuskey line vty 0 4 Framed-Route=" 1 n inu-out" Specifying static IP routes in a dial-in user profile Every Connection profile and RADIUS user profile that specifies an explicit IP address is a static route.

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Dec 11, 2008 FreeRADIUS The world's leading RADIUS server. The project includes a GPL AAA server, BSD licensed client and PAM and Apache modules. Full support is available from NetworkRADIUS.