After the firmware upgrade from V1.0.0.28 to V1.0.0.30 the router rebooted and then would NOT connect to the internet. Reset the router again and it was able to connect to the internet. Removed the linksys from the picture and connected R6120 directly to the Arris Surfboard - The R6120 will not connect to the internet.

Internet Connection Issue with Linksys - Cisco Community 2. Interestingly, my wireless internet also gets disconnected, the ports of the switch does not have any internet now. 3. This happens till I connect above 8-9 ports of the switch to the servers. 3. However, when I remove the connection between the switch and the servers, internet comes, wireless internet starts working; and the port of the My Linksys EA9500 won't connect to the internet. My Apr 02, 2017 Solved: My Linksys router will not connect to the internet

Sep 08, 2017

Can connect to Linksys router, but internet won't work

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Nov 25, 2009 Setting up a Linksys router with DSL Internet service