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The defense of selective enforcement shall contain all examples of selective enforcement upon which the respondent depends, shall indicate the unit(s) to which each example pertains, shall identify the unit owner(s), how long the violation has existed, and shall indicate whether the board knew of the existence of the violation(s). Regulation by Selective Enforcement: The SEC and Initial Nov 06, 2019 Regulation by Selective Enforcement: The SEC and Initial Nov 21, 2019 HOA Selective Enforcement Lawsuit - Hoey & Farina Aug 10, 2019

Public Law as a Whole: The Case of Selective Enforcement

Florida Law on Selective Enforcement In one of the key cases on selective enforcement in Florida, White Egret Condominium, Inc. v. Franklin , the Supreme Court held that condominium restrictions or limitations do not inherently violate fundamental rights and may be enforced if they serve a legitimate purpose and are reasonably applied. Jun 12, 2013 · Selective enforcement means you cannot ignore violations of a rule by some and enforce the same rule against others. Typically, disputes come up when there's a natural progression of the violation. For example, the association has a no pet rule and the board finds out that an owner has a bird and chooses to ignore the violation. law to a particular person or class, are governed by different constitutional amendments. The doctrine of selective enforcement, namely uneven enforcement of neutral law, uses equal protection analysis under the Fourteenth and Fifth Amendments while the phenomenon of racial

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How the Supreme Court Authorized Racial Profiling | HuffPost Justice Antonin Scalia ruled, "We of course agree with petitioners that the Constitution prohibits selective enforcement of the law based on considerations such as race. But the constitutional basis for objecting to intentionally discriminatory application of laws is the … Selective enforcement of regulation - ScienceDirect Jun 01, 2011