How Do I Remove My Name and Information from Google and

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If Google should find a link on another page that directs to your deleted page, it will continue to generate a Google Search result. Google can’t see that your page is deleted if you’re blocking it, so leave it unblocked and include a “noindex” tag. That way, when Google does one its regular crawls, it will see the tag and ensure it’s

Jun 18, 2020 · Log into your Google+ profile at Click the "Home" menu in the upper-left corner and select "Settings". Uncheck the "Help others discover my profile in search results" box in the "Profile" section. This will stop search engines from crawling your page.

To request a removal of outdated content: Go to the Remove outdated content page. Enter the URL (web address) of the page that has the outdated content you want to remove. Select Request removal . If you see the message "We think the image or web page you're trying to remove hasn't been removed by

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